Thursday, October 2, 2008

Kudos to Carlos "Siege" Malvar!

SPEECHLESS is a unique international performance poetry project, and starting in October, Apples & Snakes and the British Council Literature Department will take Speechless around the UK. The project will tour eight venues in the UK and aims to foster the interaction between the poets and young people in Britain - specifically the Diaspora - through community and university workshops.
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Speechless brings together new poetry by five writers from across South East Asia and four brilliant UK-based poets on the theme of freedom of expression in a unique new multi-lingual spoken word show.
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Funded in part by Arts Council England, each performance features a 10 minute selection from: Priya K (Malaysia), Siege Malvar (Philippines), Pooja Nansi (Singapore), Liu Liang Yen (Taiwan), Da Thao Phuong (Vietnam) and UK artists Francesca Beard, Malika Booker, Aoife Mannix and Jacob Sam-La Rose, based around the theme of freedom of expression.

*Carlos Malvar is the author of visprint's "ROLES" a not quite unreal novel.

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