Friday, October 26, 2007

Zsazsa Zaturnnah book signing

In line with the staging of "Zsazsa Zaturnnah: Ze Muzikal" in Cebu, Carlo Vergara will be available for book signing on the 18th of November, 12-2:30pm at the SM Cebu branch of National Bookstore.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

"Girl Trouble", now for sale!

Click here for the promo video of "Girl Trouble"
Book and video created by Alan Navarra.

Alan Navarra wrote a book. It's about relationshit.

Yeah. (Sheepishly) I did. It's about relationships. That's it. It's about relationships. It's about relationshits. That's what they told me to say. So the whole sex thing would just be an underlying theme. Did I say sex? I meant love. It's a book about love and relationships. And hate.Not not hate. Well, a bit. Jutay lang...

It's a great Christmas gift. A fantastic breakup present, rather than sending a goat's head to your ex. It's got words. Lots of words. And pictures. Of people. No, no tits. Maybe 1. But its hidden. Under layers and layers of... conversation.

Wait! Here's an excerpt from the book's foreword, written by Peque Gallaga:

"...this guy’s subject is women as objective. And he is playing a believability game, very much like an exercise in an Eric Morris Being Class. The trick is not to tell a lie and make others believe it, but to mix the lies with the truth so that others end up not knowing exactly what to believe, but bro, it sure sounds like the truth right there. You can’t separate Robin from Navarra, but it doesn’t mean that Navarra is Robin. He’s writing about a Robin and that Robin world is freakingly recognizable, believable and ultimately Reality Show real. Which is real. But not really. The other word for it is art..."

Grabe ay. BUY the Foreword, and you get a free book! It's fantastic for long nights in the can, or right before you stop your self from jumping out the window. Really. Trust me...


Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Niabot na Gyud Zsa! - Zaturnnah in Cebu

Here's the special promotional video for "Za Tour Nah!" in Cebu.
(from carver's blog)


Macarthur, bestseller na!

Maraming salamat po sa mga tumangkilik :)

Fully Booked Bestseller List

Monday, October 22, 2007

Submission Guidelines

VISPRINT, Inc. is open to publishing a variety of literary genres, both in English and in Filipino. However, we favor works that are very Pinoy in taste, evocative of our society and culture, and/or set in Philippine background.

The manuscript should be at least 90% complete upon submission of the proposal.

Intially, a Letter of Proposal is required, sent through email []or via postal mail.

Included in the proposal are the following:

1. Relevant information about the author
  • Background in writing/publishing
  • Contact details
2. Information about the manuscript
  • Brief summary
  • 2 sample chapters, or sample pages not more than 10 pages
  • Proposed design of the physical layout of the book
3. Sales pitch
  • Target market of the book
  • Marketability
If your proposal is convincing enough, we’d request for a printed copy of the manuscript for our review. Please enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope in case you’d like your manuscript returned.

Allow us 60 days, at least, before sending a follow-up on your proposal.

welcome, hitler

Yes, we do read ALL proposals.

Yes, we do not take the time to reply to proposals which we find very unprofessional, and to inquiries which simply require a minimal amount of research to be answered.

Yes, we do a minimum of an initial print run of 2000 copies, depending on the type of book and our confidence in its selling power. Are you confident that at least a couple of thousand people will buy your book?