Monday, October 13, 2008

Trese under investigation

Alexandra Trese may have well found her match (or rival?) in Ruel De Vera. If Trese is to investigating and solving unearthly crimes, De Vera is to unearthing author*/creator histories and behind-the-scene/pages details of locally published reading treasures.

Read his latest accomplished case: "Supernatural Storytelling":
MANILA, Philippines -Almost from the very beginning, Budjette Tan has been surrounded by the unusual. “When I was a newborn baby, my parents moved into what turned out to be a haunted house,” he explains. “The ghosts were seen by my yaya and my uncles. My parents didn’t believe in such things, until one summer day after my mom gave me a bath. She said the right side of my face suddenly wrinkled up—that it looked like the face of an old man. She prayed over me until I became normal again.” Psychics were summoned and a séance held. “The psychics told the spirits that they had to move on to the next plane. The haunting stopped after some time.” [continue reading here]

* Students doing thesis on books (especially the locally published ones) or even simple book reviews should keep his name in mind. A must in their reference list and bibliography.

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