Wednesday, September 18, 2013

September titles released!

Project 17
Eliza Victoria

Filipiniana, Sci-fi novel
ISBN: 971-0545-25-6
162 pages
SRP: P175.00

Lillian is merely looking for a babysitting job for the summer, but a desperate man named Paul Dolores hires her to look after his 28-year-old brother, Caleb. Caleb is suffering from schizoaffective disorder, and Paul, who is about to start on his first office job in a long while, wants to make sure his brother takes his medication on time. Lillian, at first hesitant, accepts the job for the pay and the perks, but soon starts to wonder about the brothers she is working for. How come she can’t find any information online about the drugs Caleb is taking? And how come the national central database lists them as dead?

Cover design and illustrations by: Jap Mikel

Carlos " Siege " Malvar
Filipiniana, A trilogy of urban adventure short stories
ISBN: 971-0545-26-4
132 pages
SRP: P175.00

What is the hiwaga that is in the dako paroon? Created by the balintataw or of, like, OA na imagination? I mean,what the fuck is a balintataw, anyway?

Here are the three tales of wild,wonderful women in wicked situations. Why are men dying to be on The Kama Ni Stella? Why does Dindin have a bad feeling about Ang Mutya ng San Isidro? And who’sthe DJ in the place Where Angels Fear to Dance?

What are you waiting for? Yes, you, holding this book at the bookstore? Buy this now.
Ang magsoli nito sa shelf…MAMAMATAY.

Cover design and illustrations by: Kitt Lapena

Trese: Stories From The Diabolical volume 1
Budjette Tan & KaJo Baldisimo
A collection of black and white illustrated short stories
ISBN: 971-0545-27-2
94 pages
SRP: P140.00

Welcome to The Diabolical! My name is Hank. I’ll be your bartender for tonight. What will it be? Don’t tell me. I know exactly what you want to drink.

So what’s on your mind? You have a story to tell? You’ve come to the right place. I’ve got some interesting stories as well.

Have you heard the one about the ghost who walked in the bar? The one who kept coming back, waiting for the arrival of that certain someone?

What about the guy who had coffee with his dead girlfriend? Or the story of the spectral Christmas carolers?

And then there’s that strange tale of all those senior citizens who watched the last full show and never came out.

No? Haven’t heard those? Well, have another drink and I’ll tell you all about it.

*FYI, this is not Trese 6 :)

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

ABA! Mabibili na!

the ABNKKBSNPLAko?! game
mabibili na!

Sa halagang P500.00, mabibili na ang pinakabagong Pinoy game, FREE SHIPPING pa saanmang bahagi ka ng Pilipinas!

Mag-email lamang sa ng mga sumusunod na impormasyon:

Full Name:
Complete mailing address:

Contact number:
Product: ABA! Game X (quantity)

Agad naming ipadadala ang inyong billing statement kasama na ang kumpletong payment instructions.

Ano pang hinihintay ninyo?! Order na!