Monday, March 12, 2012

Coming Soon!*

Tomb Keeper
by G. M. Coronel.
The prequel and sequel to his first horror novel, "Tragic Theater"

It's Not That Complicated
Bakit hindi pa sasakupin ng mga alien ang daigdig sa 2012
ni Eros Atalia

Kikomachine Komix Blg. 8
by Manix Abrera.
Official release will be on this year's Summer Komikon

A Bottle of Storm Clouds
stories by Eliza Victoria

Mga Angst ng Isang Di-Mahapayang-Gatang 
ni Resty Cena

*not in chronological order

Submission Guidelines

VISPRINT, Inc. is open to publishing a variety of literary genres, both in English and in Filipino. However, we favor works that are very Pinoy in taste, evocative of our society and culture, and/or set in Philippine background.

The manuscript should be at least 90% complete upon submission of the proposal.

Intially, a Letter of Proposal is required, sent through email []or via postal mail.

Included in the proposal are the following:
1. Relevant information about the author, background in writing/publishing, contact details
2. Information about the manuscript:

  • Brief summary
  • 2 sample chapters, or sample pages not more than 10 pages
  • Proposed design of the physical layout of the book
3. Sales pitch
  • Target market of the book
  • Marketability
If your proposal is convincing enough, we will request for a complete copy of the manuscript for our review. For hard prints, please enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope in case you’d like your manuscript returned.

Allow us 60 days, at least, before sending a follow-up on your proposal.

Publishing cut-off

We have already completed our shortlist of releases for 2013. All incoming proposals, as of today, will be considered for 2014.

Thank you.