Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Don'ts of Book Submission

These are tips shared at a writing conference. You may read the full article [here].

1. Don't send your full manuscript off the get go. Only send what's requested in the particular agent's guidelines. (They almost always can be found online.)

2. Don't respond to a rejection letter or ask "why." Just move on.

3. Don't be rude or disrespectful—rejection isn't personal, it's just part of the business.

4. Don't submit to one agent at a time. The industry is slow so it's unrealistic for agents to assume you haven't sent it to other people (unless an agent asks for an exclusive read).

5. Don't resend a query or manuscript a day or two later with a note, "I found a mistake in my proposal and fixed it." Once it's sent, it's sent.


initao news sniffer said...

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eivorp said...

oo, gusto ko mga authors nyo. ang hindi ko alam paano ako mapapabilang doon. please help? thank you!