Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Maraming Salamat po!

Our sincerest thanks to everyone who took the time to join VPE's "9-in-1 Kolektib Intelidyens".

Photos of that sizzling (literally?) afternoon available for viewing here.

Special thanks goes to National Bookstore, for the dictionaries they gave away (the pagemasters were most excited about it!), and to Mr. Jacob Cabochan, of Pandayan Bookshop, for gracing the event.

Sa uulitin! :)


Anonymous said...

yes. sizzling, simmering, splendid!

Gio Paredes said...

Ohhh... shocks... I miss it.
Kailang po ba kayo uli magkakaroon ng ganitong event?

jena said...

kelan po ba kayo magkakaroon ng another book about ERASERHEADS..???? i'm looking forward to it...